Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday ...Again

So it's not good news for me! 153.9 pounds on the scale this morning. I have been weighing myself everyday this past week and have been watching the number go up and down. It landed up this morning, go figure. Beth, my pilates instructor, tells me ... "Muscle weighs more... " and I know I have been building muscle. I see it on my body. I like feeling tight and fit, toned. But come on people, give me a break. I want to see the good numbers too! I am putting the scale away until next Wednesday. I have learned my lesson about weighing in everyday. Wish me luck this week!

My grandbaby number 4 is growing big and strong in Mommy's tummy!! 15 weeks along. Doctors appt. today. Possibly an ultrasound since there are some concerns again about brittle bone with Cayden. I wanted Bridget to have a pregnancy where she didn't have to worry about all these concerns again, but it looks like she is on the path again. Good thing she is a strong girl, a mommy who can accept what she cannot change, and can find all the positive in any situation. We are waiting again for results of DNA testing for a couple of things. Cayden has his cast off early to promote bone density, apparently walking on it in the healing stages is good for that, although he will not yet put his foot down. He crawls, he kneels, and he pulls himself up and hold the broken foot up in the air behind him! It's been a week and the dr said it could take up to 2 wks. He instructed them not to push him to use it but just to let him do it in his own time. It is mostly healed but not all the way. Cayden is just about the happiest boy you'd ever see. Smiling all the time, and talking non stop!
I will update when I know more... about Cayden and his little brother or sister!!