Monday, April 15, 2013

River Congo.... Move over Captain!

We enjoyed dinner out at Big Al's
before our outing at the River Congo Mini Golf course!

Big Al is always a site to behold!

The life gators at the River Congo are 
cause for excitement too!

The mini course has a scavenger hunt included as well!
Look for that mummy in the mine shaft!

Mya enjoyed about 5 holes of 18~ then
just watched and cheered for everyone!

Pretty Sarah Rose!

Oh oh... Mya has gum!

Molly Carolyn loves to pose too!

The plane crashed right here!

We laughed and laughed when we caught Mya "talking" to ants!!

Dance party in this cavern!
We did have about 3 hole in ones!!

The next day we took the shuttle over to the private beach!
We were hoping to see some dolphins but had
no luck this trip!

I had fun with my gems at the waters edge but
it was C O L D!
We are used to the heated pool at home!
Smile Mya Brynnie!
Busy busy on the beach!

Mya said... "look, its on my hands!"
She decided she liked the sand this trip to the beach!

Ring around the rosie~

Back at the boat shuttle, Cayden decided he would ask
the Captain if he could drive the boat!!
"I will!"
Sure enough, the Captain could not resist this kid!!
He is getting the mike down so Cayden can say 
Large and in Charge
that's our Cayden!
He made a new friend!

"Good Job, Cayden"