Friday, January 4, 2013

Oh those gems of mine!

Let's talk about Sarah...
She has been busy on Swim Team~
Doesn't she look so grown up?
She is quite the artist and for Christmas she hand painted
this picture of Bronson for her Mommy.
She loves to watercolor and is really getting good at it!
The big news is that she FINALLY has a front tooth that is
about to come out!
She is thrilled...
Molly, not so much!
We had a visit from Frankie and Tom, along with Lilly and
her Mommy Kaitlan!
Molly enjoyed "babysitting" Lilly... until~
Lilly sneezed and lots of stuff came out of her nose~
As I rushed to wipe Lilly's nose, Molly looked up at me and said,
"Meme, this is my worst nightmare"
They did have fun reading and playing together!

My sister Frankie sure loves her grand baby Lilly~
Lilly enjoyed this "Papa" too!
Our boy Cayden has been a busy hunter apprentice to his 
He is proud to be like his Daddy!
Mya just might want to hunt too!
She is just busy being pretty...
working on potty training~ I just had a call
from her and she told me she "pooped" on the potty!
Meme is so proud!
I have made them a new blog header...
I love these pictures of all of them!
Lastly, my sweet Laylabug has been loving the snow
in Grand Junction!
Love her!

She loves playing outside with her Mommy and Papa!
I love receiving pictures from Tegan and Kelley~
Here is one of Layla working on an art project
I sent her for Christmas!
Yum Yum!
A party in her hair!

I have "borrowed" some photos from the kids blogs~
Thanks for sharing!
Our Christmas is coming here at Meme and Papa's house.
Bridget and her family will come for the weekend next week~
Beckie and her family will join us for a kids exchange.
Things have been shipped to Layla and we will all face time together on the
12th!  Be ready Danny! You too!
I miss my Colorado Lesjaks this year but I am counting down the 
days till they come for a week this summer~ and of
course I will visit them in March too!
My gems have been busy!