Friday, July 20, 2012

Canada 2012

On Wednesday, July 18th, Cayden and his Mommy woke up
early to be ready in the lobby for the Shriners van to pick us 
up for his 7:30 am appt!
All smiles as we wait~ 
Smiles and some butterflies in his tummy.
Once checked in, Cayden heads for the fish tank...
He loves to count the big fish!
Room 8
Cayden is reminded of the three things he was going
to remember for his hospital visit.
1. Be polite
2. Be a good listener
He knew room 8 was the place to be BRAVE.
It was time for blood draws
and he was very BRAVE!
He was a GOOD LISTENER when the tech did his
bone density test and spine xrays.  He did not move a bit!

He was POLITE to everyone he met~
he said "hi" to all the "friends"
and answered all the questions the Dr. had for him!

When the Dr. showed Cayden his xray the conversation went like this....
Cayden: Oh that's my skeleton!
Dr.: Oh you think so, do you?
Cayden: Well, actually, it's my spine!
Dr.,laughs:  Yes it little guy!

Dr. Frances Glorieux examined Cayden.

Cayden had grown 7.7 centimeters~ low end of normal for height
but he is on the high end for weight!

His bone density went up 3%~ we are happy
with any increase!  Cayden has been fracture free for since last years appt!

He is a cautious little guy and knows his limits~
Dr. Glorieux thought we might not see another fracture till pre-puberty,
when a "boy will be a boy",  because he is so smart!

Cayden was supposed to be scheduled to see the dentist there
but somehow it was overlooked in the notes.  It will be scheduled for 
next June since he is also being seen by a dentist at home.  Dr. Glorieux
felt his Dentinogenesis imperfecta is actually worse then his OI's type typically would be,
and wants to monitor it.  

Cayden then had to do a walking test, which proved to be
the end of his patience since he fell while running to the start line.
Falls scare him and once he was crying we realized he was DONE.

Good byes were said~
We went back to the hotel, packed up and hit the road for home.
Bri's little guy was tired!

He was so good in the car and he was excited when we reached
our stop for the night in Buffalo NY!
"Yes Meme, they have a pool"

A bit more driving down I-90 on Thursday am finds us at
Papa's office!  Cayden is excited to see Papa!
He plans to "sneak right up on him"
Peek a boo at Papa's fish tank!
Cayden's turn!
It was Cayden's Birthday ya know!
Cayden does not have to go back to Shriners till next year
or next fracture.  Should he fracture without real force, the Dr. would
start infusion treatments.  So Cayden... keep up the good work!!
You sure were
A Good Listener