Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Party For Papa...

Sarah planned a party for her Papa.

She called everyone and told them to dress up. Girls needed to wear dresses and the boys needed to look "handesome"!

She called her school and told the teachers that she would not be in today since she had to plan the party for her Papa.

We shopped for decorations.

We shopped for dinner... she choose chicken tenders, fries, broccoli, (because Papa loves it) and corn.

She picked out huge cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla!

She and Molly wrapped all sorts of goodies for Papa.

His favorites... colored pencils!

Who Knew?

Papa was so excited...

Sarah was so proud to have planned the whole thing! Even the candles played music... Happy Birthday!
Then we all went outside where Cayden found the push car and had the time of his life!! Daddy pushed him around and around.
He laughed a deep belly laugh...
and so did everyone else!
Molly... well she just loved the cupcakes!
And her new slide!

Happy Birthday Papa! We love you!