Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have Fun...

Yes...we bring you season 4 of the Desperate Housewives of Bay Cedar!!  We are missing Meig in this picture...she is TARDY.   Debbo, Dee, Patty, Jeanette, Marlene,  Roxi and I made it safe and sound on Thursday after a very exciting plane ride!  We are officially the women in aisle 5.
Some of us behaved ourselves, while others, well let's just say they tried to have their way with the sheriff!!  Patty needed to know "how many..."   OH, NEVER MIND!!!  Let me just tell you we did not win the money...AND...I am a MARRIED WOMAN!

Debbo finishing off another bottle aboard our sunset cruise ship.  Marlene sat on a life vest...she was not going to really put that thing on!!  The Captain told her if the ship went down he would throw her a life line and she could STAND UP AND WALK BACK TO THE BOAT!!

Sarah and Molly... GUESS WHAT???  Meme saw some Dolphins on my boat ride.  You will get to see them too when we come to the Florida house together!!  I can't wait to show you... Look at my pictures!!

They were jumping in the water and playing with each other.  So Fun!!  They look kind of like  shark fins, right Sarah??  Look at the pretty sunset.  We watch the sun go all the way down.  It was so pretty.

More to come....