Monday, August 23, 2010

Family reunion Fun...

We had a little family reunion at my sister Jeannie's house on Sunday! I say little because many were missing from the festivities. My sisters Patty and RoseAnn were sick. My nephew Tim lives in Seattle but his son Max is here staying with his grandparents till Oct. 9... how his mommy can be without him amazes me!! I do know she cries alot but it is very important to her and Tim that Max knows his grandparents, so every summer Tim brings him and leaves him for a visit! My son Tegan and his wife Kelley were missing too... Colorado is just too far away! My other son Dan and his fiance Dag, missed the fun too!

Those of us that were there enjoyed each others company! Miss Mya was introduced to her Great Aunt Frankie...
and her Great Aunt Jeannie, Max's grandma!
Cayden found this quad in the garage and learned quickly how to push the button to make it go! It was so great for him to feel the freedom to move so fast... really it moved at a nice slow, safe pace (and Daddy followed right behind) but to Cayden, well he thought he was Uncle Tegan riding down Skinny Ridge!!! So very fun for him!!
We got all the kids together for a photo op... Bridget had to join in so we could include Mya~
Notice who was smart and stayed low when the loot of candy finally fell from Sponge Bob... That's Sarah in the blue striped swimsuit and Molly in the white shoes and shirt. Smart girls staying low to the ground!!
Cayden made out pretty good too!
The Sidewalk Chalk contest was a hit too...

Thank goodness Mua and Tim let Max visit!! Isn't he sweet? He and Molly hit it off really well!
Thanks to Jeannie and Dave for hosting the reunion! We all had so much fun!