Wednesday, September 18, 2013

8 is GREAT!

I cannot believe my gem Sarah Rose is 

She is growing so tall~
Her Daddy got her a new basketball hoop at his house~
A great idea for our outdoors girl!
Don posted these pics on facebook and I 
"borrowed" them for my blog and the book 
I made for Sarah!
Molly was proud to say she took this picture!

Love this one too!

Papa and his Walton girls!
They loved the pictures I printed for their handmade
frames from Roxi's camp!
Sarah showed me her new earrings from Grandma
Carol~ they are beautiful.

Happening in this picture?
Sarah looking at her frame, papa reading Molly's story she wrote
and Molly, being Molly!

Crazy 8!

Always a fund raiser to share...
Get something Papa!

Ice Cream Cake!

Watch Molly's face ...
It never changes!
Sarah's request for dinner~
Hot Dogs and Mac n Cheese!
Caught Julia off guard...
Bright Light, she said!

Now Sarah and Julia are ready for a picture!
Molly's face hasn't changed a bit!
What a stinker!

Happy Birthday to you....

Made a wish!

Opened gifts!

A home made book of
It all started on the day she was born
September 17, 2005
She read the story aloud, giggling and laughing at some 
really funny pictures!  It was fun for her to see just how
many people LOVE her~ even some in Heaven!

See Bronson, the big dog watching her as she lay on
her blanket in the picture above her hand~ No one was going to hurt this
baby girl on his watch!

The story book was only 6 pages long with pictures for each year of her
life~ all the way to the picture of her and her Daddy that Molly took 
from above showing she was 8!   

Mommy, Papa and I got Sarah a Kindle Fire ~
to keep the spark of reading alive!
So excited~
So fun!

This is the gem who first made me a
She is beyond precious to me, she is just full of love, and oh so sweet!
Sarah Rose...
Meme loves you up to God!