Monday, March 23, 2015

Making a a house a HOME~

I've been working on changing a few things here

New coffee table~
Recycled from the ReStore Shop!
I am thrilled with it!

A new entertainment center too!
Tv is being replaced next year and will be one that hangs on the wall.
I love this piece too!

I have done well here in Florida~
I face time with my gems often!

They send kisses and lots of love my way!

We even have our little Walton girls trying to work a sales pitch 
on Meme and Papa to move near them!  They are 
the cutest... but the move will never happen as it
is just too far form friends and all our activities we are
involved in!

Layla is learning some gaming from her Papa Tegan!
She is online with her cousins Kevin and Ryan...
I hope they aren't teaching her anything they shouldn't be!
Oh my just look at her toes!  Love her!

She loves it!

Big things to come~
Easter Bunny is nearly here!