Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday~ Dan's last day at Lemuho!

Danny decided to cut his hair while in Florida!
Here is a before shot...
Ah... here's my boy!
The after shot!
Looks great!
I really was surprised he choose to cut it, 
but I must say I loved it!

Meanwhile, Sarah had the pool to herself.
She practiced trying to stand on the float
and surf the pool!

She loved having extra time in the pool!
She is growing up so fast~ 
I love her little personality!
Uncle Danny joined her for a bit before 
he had to leave for the airport.

Then they went on a salamander hunt together.
Sarah wanted to catch a BIG ONE!
They looked,
and looked,
and looked some more.
Then they gave me the grim news~
No catch!

But then they went to the lanai and saw this one on the screen!
She is a beauty!
Sarah put a flower in the cage and later that night
found her friend curled up asleep inside the flower!

Time came too soon for Danny to leave!
Pictures with his Dad!

Hugs at the airport!

It was so hard to say good bye to my boy~
but I am hoping he makes a trip home this summer!

What happened to Sarah's little friend?
Tell you tomorrow!


ShEiLa said...

Isn't amazing to see how much different you can look just when you change your hair... I love the new haircut. (but I am partial to short)

Love the catch!

It's always hard saying goodbye... :(

Diana: I have six sisters. I have no brothers. I have 10 nieces and 12 nephews. I just posted a completed project photo! (with both girls)


Roxi's Reasons... said...

Saying good-bye is the worst....but there's always the memories to help our heart til the next time :) !
You are such an incredible mom and Meme and I love how you love your family !

Katypie said...

The haircut makes Dan look more like... well, like Danny! How he should look! Although, in the "thumbs down" pic I see some Dave in him...

Love the pictures and the stories! :0)

Meigan said...

Great the short hair!!! I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes just thinking about you at the airport with your Colorado kids.....i HATE the distance of Phoenix (and even Dayton-to be truthful!!!)